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Your Dulles Neurology Specialist Shares Facts About Peripheral Neuropathy

Have you been feeling tingling, numbness, and other uncharacteristic sensations lately? Schedule a consultation with your Dulles neurology expert Dr. Sarbjot Dulai as soon as possible. You may be suffering from peripheral neuropathy. Learn the basics of the condition, what symptoms to watch out for, who are most at risk, and what kind of treatment […]

Dissecting Dystonia: A Comprehensive Guide by Your Dulles Neurology Expert

Dystonia needs immediate attention. It is a condition in the nervous system, wherein sufferers experience excessive involuntary muscle movement that diminishes their control over their bodies. Our resident Dulles neurology expert, Dr. Sarbjot Dulai, dissects dystonia to shed more light on its causes, symptoms, and treatment. An Overview of Dystonia Dystonia takes its name from […]

3 Urgent Reasons to See Your Neurologist in Leesburg, VA After a Syncope Episode

Syncope is the medical term for unexplained fainting. While some causes are harmless, syncope may indicate serious underlying health issues. It is strongly recommended to see a doctor as soon as possible after any instance of fainting. Dr. Sarbjot Dulai, our resident neurologist in Leesburg, VA, can guide you toward getting the correct diagnosis and […]